#SaveAmazingRadio: How The Internet ‘sploded!

Can we just take a moment out of our schedule to discuss what just happened with Amazing Radio?

So, Amazing’s founder Paul Campbell took to their blog in order to say that they were pulling out of broadcasting on DAB radio. Something to do with money and transmitting networks (I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, you can read the blog here.) But they still plan on broadcasting through their mobile apps and online and stuff, and they’re expanding to have a few stations in key cities in the States. A shame, but not a crippling one.

Here’s the internet ‘splodey bit.

Not an hour after the announcement went live, the founder of the Save 6Music campaign was tweeting with the hashtag #SaveAmazingRadio. 6Music’s own Lauren Laverne (who is like a real radio presenter and just won a well-deserved Sony award,) tweeted saying how 6Music needed competition like Amazing. A web petition to sort out the problems which were stopping Amazing from renewing their DAB broadcasts had about 700 signatures in around an hour. There were even suggestions that the price of transmission could be crowdsourced from Amazing’s listeners.

And the momentum is still building.

Its safe to say that the masses want Amazing to stay “six clicks to the left of Radio 1” on their DAB dials. I mean, a commercial free radio station playing brilliant new music? They’re like the independent 6Music. Some have even suggested that their playlists are almost a filter for new content on 6Music, which says a lot about the quality of music on the station.

In short, whatever Campbell and Co. did to foster this sort of support from their listeners… yeah, they should keep doing that.

(And maybe fill me in on the secret, eh?)

By Jimmy Richards